Friday, August 3, 2012

The Waiting Game

I just finished 18 weeks of treatment and had my third blood test. But it takes at 8-10 days for the results to come back. That is right in the middle of my vacation, so I won't see my doctor for another week and a half.

Is this really a big deal? No. But I am anxious to see if our changes in treatment have really started to work on fighting the insulin resistance. A couple of negatives have happened with this round of medicine tweeking.

The first one is loss of appetite. I was warned that some of the medicine would could cause me not to have any appetite, but it has gotten really bad. Especially with some of the heat we have been experiencing. It is not a matter of just fixing something, and once I am eating, everything is ok (like before). Food has actually been gross. So making the eat goal of every 3-4 hours has been nightmarish. I did have a meeting with my nutritionist and we got some strategies to try and work through some things. More of a brainstorming session on foods that were more liquid in nature.

The second one has to do with my stomach. The Doc wanted to increase my Metformin again. I had been only taking it with my large meal in the evening, but she wanted a morning dose too. About a week into that, I started to get some digestive trouble again. Nothing like to where I was before I started treatment. It is a small annoyance, but it is there.

So that leaves me playing a waiting game. Until we can see the results, there is nothing to do, but stay the course. If we are seeing huge results, I can deal with these minor side effects. But if we don't, we have already discussed some other medicine routes, and we may need to look at those. Let the Wait Begin!

Capt Mel

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