Thursday, August 30, 2012

I Miss the Old Market Street Pharmacy ~ Or how I got yelled at

There was one thing that John Stimac would never do, and that was yell or get mean with you. He was the owner of The Market Street Pharmacy that now in its spot is some icky looking restaurant with a Monkey in title. It was one of the last Mom and Pop Pharmacies in Seattle before he retired and closed shop.

Now that I have a lot of prescriptions because of this whole Insulin Resistance, Metabolic Syndrome, PCOS stuff, I am using the QFC just a block down from me at the moment. Some sort of wires got crossed on my last doc visit.

Someone did not call in and order more refills on some of my prescriptions. So two of them had no refills when I called on Monday night to get them refilled. The automated thing asked me if I wanted the pharmacy to contact the Doctor to get them authorized. I said yes. It told me to call back two days later to confirm the prescriptions were being filled.

So I called today. They had not been filled. In fact, they had not even made contact with the doctor. They had faxed the request and had not heard back. What if they had not received the fax? I run out of pills after tomorrow. Might not be a big deal to you, but my Doc's office is only open Monday through Thursday.

So I explain the situation. They get the Pharmacist on the phone. He gets all mad and grumpy with me. I tell him I would have done something if I had known there was a problem with getting in contact with the doctor. But no one contacted me. I told him I was a teacher in back to work meetings and prep the last two days and was only following directions. He finally acquiesced and is going to give me an emergency prescription through Tuesday, but he basically threatened me and demanded the doc get a hold of him after the holiday.The nurse at my doc's office has several frantic emails from me. He is great and I know will take care of it. The nurse probably thinks I am kinda freakzoid now too.

This is all lamesauce.    

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