Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Updates

It has been a while since I have sent an update! So busy with work and home buying! Here is the scoop.

Since all my blood tests have been coming back perfectly normal for the last 10 months and nothing crazy has come up with the medicine, I have been lucky and we have given them up for a short while. Which means savings in my pocket! Since PCOS has been confirmed, I am back on birthcontrol. This is a really really good thing.

At my last long meeting with the doctor, we made a treatment plan. Basically a flow chart of options. Step 1: this is what we will try first. If yes it works then this is the next step. If no, then this is the next step. We did this yes/no chart for quite a long time. So we have a plan.

The first step is trying to increase the dosage of Victoza. I have just done that for 4 weeks. Only last week did I get up to the full 3.0mg (you gotta slowly work your way up). I have been doing quick weekly check ins at the office where they do some quick measurements. Up until this week's check, there was good progress. I had my last check up today and the nurse said the doctor would get back to me on the next steps.

The other good news is that I was able to reduce some of the supplements. Less Vit K, and no more Iron supplement. I still am on 10,000 D though. Which is fine by me with this dark by 5pm stuff. Icky!

So hopefully more info soon and more updates!

Capt Mel