Friday, July 20, 2012

Is It the Heat? Is it the Meds? A Cold?

A few weeks ago, I was in WA, DC and while it was not the hottest degrees I have ever been in, it was the highest temps and humidity I have ever experienced. I seemed to do OK, but by the end of the week, I started to have some stomach symptoms that could have been one of three things:

1. Heat getting to me
2. Effects of upping my medication in certain areas
3. I caught some sort of illness

I got home and I rested for a couple days, and I seemed to get better. But of course, with treatment, comes changes in medication again and Seattle weather got hot (for Seattle weather), and my stomach got upset again. So the three things were all options again.

The other thing I have been discovering with the hotter temps is that I have absolute zero appetite to eat. And that is a really really bad thing. Even trying to force food down is awful. I actually start to feel gag reflexes. For all this medicine to work, I need to be eating.

Luckily, I had an appointment scheduled with my nutritionist and we brained stormed some ideas. Smoothies are actually an OK option with a protein pack. But I have nothing at home to make smoothies, and I have no desire to spend money buying something. Especially when I might be having to downsize soon. But other things like yogurt and cottage cheese and even more snackie things have seemed to help some. Meeting people for lunch has helped quite a bit as long as I can eat slowly.

The other good news is another 6 weeks is almost up and I have my blood draw bright and early Monday morning. I won't get the results until I get back from a vacation, but I am hoping we have some progress, and even if we don't, I know my doctor has some plans for a different route. I don't have to do any changes in what my current med setup is until then. So I have plenty of time to get my body used to this current med setup, So there should be no issues for my vacation! That is a relief!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

When Eating Becomes the Obession

It has been awhile, but with travel and work, things can get crazy. But I read an interesting article I will link in a little while. My quick thoughts for the day deal with food and how athletes think about eating.

When we think of fat people, we think about how all they do is eat, eat, eat. We never think about the people who obsess over what they are not eating or what they will eat in front of people and what they will not eat later or how long they will go before they will eat again and so on.

This is where I will present a Gymnastics eating disorder article and show how it comes into play:

Notice how figure skating is mentioned.

What probably helped throw my metabolism way out of whack was the horrible nutrition and exercise training that happened during my figure skating years. 5+ hours of training a day, eating as little as possible (broccoli and ice diet was a major fad in my day), and embarrassing weigh ins in front of everyone.

In the area where I trained, there were not too many male coaches, but mostly female coaches and they seemed to be the worst. These women preyed on young girls and their fears. They knew how to get into the heads of all of us.

So while there is a huge focus on Bulimia and Anorexia (and there should be), there also needs to be a focus on people who don't have these life threatening illnesses/diseases, but also have eating disorders/metabolic problems that have happened because of poor coaching and nutritional training. Funny how ice skating coaches demanded parents buy high priced sports physiologists for the skaters to be at the top of their games, but not sports medicine folks/nutritionists. Maybe it is because those folks would have called their bluffs!