Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lack of Common Sense: Travel Prob #1

I leave soon for a trip. I have two problems with airplane travel. The first one is having to keep my medication cool. I will deal with that soon. But I tried to tackle the second one a week ago. I have to inject said medicine with pen needles.

I am supposed to dispose of these needles in a proper manner. That means having my very own Sharps container. What is that? Well it is that hazardous waste container you usually only see at the docs office. I have my very own right now. It is a 3 quart version. It was the smallest my QFC had available for purchase.

So I went to another store that I frequent sometimes to and from work. I never get prescriptions from their pharmacy and thought I would ask their advice on how to get a smaller Sharp's container. They said they could only order a 1 quart container. My pen needles are only about 3 centimeters by 3 centimeters. I don't need to travel with such a large container. And that takes up a ton of space for a carry on. And you are supposed to travel with all your meds and supplies with carry on.

I got home and checked online. Sure enough. There is nothing smaller than a Quart that is hazardous waste appropriate. At the pharmacy, I asked what they suggested. The guy said, If I was your friend and not your pharmacist, I would tell you to take an old prescription bottle and store them in there until you get home and then put them in your Sharps container.

I am going to pretend he was my friend and do this. But if I had money, I would create my own Sharps travel product. There are enough travelers in the world that would benefit from something like this that is cheap. I am just flabbergast there is not a container already out there. Sheesh!  

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