Saturday, June 16, 2012

And I Thought I had it Bad

One of the most demoralizing things that happened in the last year was after I completed my first half marathon and was starting training for my second half marathon. It was actually the tipping point for my general medicine doc to send me to specialists (so I guess it had a silver lining). It was the fact that I had gained 30 pounds.

A little back story. I do not weigh myself anymore. Only once since I stopped figure skating have I attempted to do so and it was as bad as when I was figure skating. I become obsessed. How low can I get the number to go? When I figure skated, we had weekly weigh ins. They were horrible events where you stepped on a scale in front of a whole group of people in a little leotard. I have numerous little tales about abuses that went on during these weigh ins that I think I will keep to myself.

But back to my 30 pounds gained story. I was completely shocked when she gave me this news. I knew I had not lost as much weight as I thought I would with all the training and cutting of food, but never had I thought I had gained weight. I was eating so little at that moment, I did not think I could cut anymore food without getting a completely light-headed feeling that makes you almost feel like you could pass out. That gives you an idea of how much I could cut food out of my life.

Fast forward to meeting with my Metabolic Doctor and relaying these events to her. Once I got through the whole story with a few more details, she started chuckling. Not the reaction I would expect from someone who is an expert in this type of field. And she had been so sensitive before. And then she said, "You think you have it bad? I have another patient who was sent to me because she was training for an Iron Man competition and gained 80 pounds."

Well that pulled all the wind out of my self pity sails. I can only imagine how frustrating that would feel. It is easy to be down in the dumps when you see no one around you having the same troubles you have. Leave it to the doc to give you some perspective!

Capt Mel

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