Monday, May 28, 2012

Yes! It is a Snack

I am not sure if it is because I have been telling people about my medical conditions or it is because my new eating habits are just noticeable, but the comments I have been receiving about my eating is mostly amusing.

First, I have to have snacks. Think about this. You have an appointment (let's say a sporting event) at 2pm. You sleep in, and finish breakfast at 10:30am. Set your clock for three and a half hours later. That puts you at 1:30pm. You have one more hour before you need to eat something. That means you have to have a snack at that event.

So, I keep snacks in my purse. I have nuts, freeze dried fruit, and Zone bars. I am not a big fan of the energy bar, but it has a lot of protein and I need to keep a good protein/carb combo. I pull something out of my purse, and I snack. This has gotten me some funny looks. I also need to eat within the first hour of waking up. That can put a real tight squeeze on my time. I have to get up and take my thyroid medicine and my victoza shot. I have to wait at least 10 minutes before I can eat anything. I have to get dressed and make breakfast or get breakfast. It is a time crunch sometimes.

I also don't think people realize what will happen if I miss my 3-4 hour eating window. It is not pretty. The other day, I had a funny work schedule and I sat down to eat lunch at about 4 1/2 hours after my last meal. I started to feel funny as I ordered my food, I ate, and it was good, but afterwards, my body wanted to just crash. I went home and slept for 2 hours. When I stick to my 3-4 hours eating time schedule, I feel way more even keel and not very tired.

I have also started to notice some interesting comments by non-believers of my medical problem. I am using the word non-believers specifically with a religious type connotation. Not picking on a particular belief or non-belief, but some people have a fanaticism with their beliefs, and they can not for once maybe question their perspectives.

For example, let's look at a Christian and a hardcore Atheist. Both will try and prove the other wrong. Both will refuse to listen to one another. The Christian disregards anything (even evidence) the Atheist has to say because he is going to hell for being godless. On the other hand, the Atheist does the same exact thing and will not listen to any information the Christian has because the he believes in magical make-believe fairy tales. Either way, this can become a vicious cycle where each will begin to resent each other.

While I hope that my relationship with some people do not turn into such a heated battle, I am forced to acknowledge that there are some pretty smart people who think my doctor is bogus. They are actually ignoring scientific evidence and calling it false. They don't believe that a person's body can get so screwed up that it will do many things (one of them creating obesity even with little food and lots of exercise). So now I hear little snide comments like, "Cheese has a lot of fat you know." I usually just say, yes, but not all fat is equal and cheese has protein. I need to eat a lot more protein than I ever had. I refrain from nasty counter remarks.I also like the comments about eating more fruits and veggies. Now, they are good for you, but fruit is almost exclusively carbs and that is not the end all be all. I am working toward better health all around.

So why am I getting these comments. Because I will not cater to people who believe in food diets and lots of exercise. I have tried that all my life and it has not worked. When someone tries to bring this up, I shut them down. So, they have to try and convert me in other ways (hence the snide comments). I have a doctor who has been in the field for over 20 years and has data that is positive about my treatments. I can not change someone's belief, but it is frustrating to not only to be disregarded, but to actually have someone think what I am doing will not work. that it is just make-believe. When I mention a side effect, I get scoffed at like I am an idiot for blinding following an evil ne'er do well. Even though I have told these people that it is a 3-4 year plan, they question why they have not seen any noticeable results in 9 weeks. They don't care to hear about my internal non-visible results. Is it because they loath fat people or is it something else?

Until the results outwardly start showing, and then I can throw the results in their faces, I will continue to eat my snacks!

Capt Mel

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