Monday, May 14, 2012

Let's Get Everyone Scared of Fat

As I was trying to shop for my groceries today, I was horrified by a magazine on the rack. I didn't pay much attention to which one (It was Newsweek or something like that). And the premise of the main pic and title was shock and awe scare tactics.

The photo was of a cute little baby boy and the title said something like "In 20 years, he will be 300 pounds."

What an awful article. I wanted to yell out, "No he won't if you get the proper medical care! He is probably insulin resistant and just needs treatment." But you never hear that from people or the doctors. Is fat the new group we persecute and ignore? Are we scared to fight the diet establishment because it is such a money maker?

In the last 12 weeks, I have learned so much more about hormones and digestion and brain chemistry. But you can't just find this stuff on the internet. All you see on the first many pages is stuff about just loose weight. Eat less, exercise more.

People.... this is a failing solution. It is like saying a broken arm happened just because you were clumsy. It doesn't fix the broken arm. There are doctors out there that can help and if you are overweight or over exercising to try and keep weight off, you need to get tests done!

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