Friday, May 11, 2012

When You Don't Realize What You Have Lost

To date, I have had my first round of 6 weeks of medicine treatment, and I am five days into my second round of medicine treatment. At the end of the first six weeks, my doctor was not please with the progress. It was nothing I had done, it was just the med combo had not worked as well as well as she had wanted. My doctor described it as trying to stop a freight train, but not just stopping it, reversing it too. That takes a lot. 

During the first 6 weeks, I did notice some changes in my energy level. But I don't think it was anything that significant. In just five days, I have noticed a lot more. My metabolic syndrome had progressed to such a state, that even 8 hours of sleep was not enough. Sometimes no amount of sleep was enough. I was groggy, foggy headed, and exhausted most of the time. At first, I attributed it to the stress of being a public school teacher. Lots of layoffs for my friends, huge class sizes, lower pay, and the threat of even more cuts/reforms from people who have no expertise in my field. It was and still is crazy. 

I have had my longest days so far this week and while I am tired at night, I have been able to keep the going power. I have been getting up at 4:30am and getting home no earlier than 7:30pm. I am pretty tired right now, but it is a body tired and not necessarily a mind tired. I almost had forgotten what it was like to be active and on the go all the time. That used to be my life up until about a year ago, but then I started to slow down. I needed more sleep. 

I feel good again. Five days. I can't wait to see how I feel 5 weeks from now. 

The other thing I have noticed is enjoyment with eating. Now that may sound pretty funny from a very large, fat girl, but I don't think I have ever had this feeling before when was having meals. This even includes my childhood!

My doctor had told me that I would more than likely feel a change. Because of my wonky hormones in my stomach, when I used to eat food, the wrong signals were going to my brain and my mind would not be able to recognize that food was going into my body. So when people feel that 'I am stuffed feeling,' I would feel it much later (like an hour later). I always felt uncomfortable after a regular sized meal. If it wasn't the too much food feeling, it was an unsettling feeling. My stomach would churn and gurgle.

Now, I have no stomach problems after I eat. When I eat, I have this completely different feeling. My doctor said the best way to describe is that I am feeling satisfied as I am eating. And those are the best words I have right now. I am supposed to be very careful how I drink liquids/water and to sip, not gulp because my one medicine might make me feel nausea if I gulp. But I have gulped a little today because I have been so thirsty. But no negative side effects. 

The only other bad news about this second round of treatment is that even with the new shot I am giving myself, I am experiencing nausea about an hour after the shot. It was pretty bad Wednesday and Thursday, but I emailed the nurse, and he had the placement of the shot change from my stomach to my upper thigh area. A little nausea today, but not too horrible. It is sure a weird type of nausea and not very pleasant.

So stay tuned! I have more historical stories about how I could get into such a condition and more info about obesity and the insulin/metabolic issue to come.

Capt Mel

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